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Xbox Update Includes Major Quality of Life Improvement

A new update rolling out to Xbox Insiders provides a welcome system improvement for users wanting streamlined access to their games.

When it comes to video game consoles, cool new features and services are all well and good, but oftentimes it’s the general quality-of-life improvements that truly enhance the user experience. Xbox has a pretty good track record when it comes to updating its consoles to make them much more convenient for their owners, and with the new update it’s begun rolling out, it has introduced a helpful feature that Xbox users with sizable game libraries will appreciate.


This week sees the release of a new update for members of the Xbox Insider program in the Alpha Skip-Ahead ring. The update overhauls users’ libraries with new tab-like categories designed to give them more options for organizing their games. Although there are already tabs for games available through subscription services like Xbox Game Pass, a new “All Games” tab has been added allowing users to see all of their games in a single place.

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Microsoft explained that the purpose of this new feature is to streamline access to one’s games. This should prove helpful for users who have several games split between normal purchases, Game Pass, and Games with Gold, as they don’t have to remember whether a game is in the owned games tab or one of the subscription tabs. Anyone interested can see what this looks like courtesy of a screenshot shared by Luis D Knight on Twitter.

Aside from the tab overhaul, the update also introduces extra options for automatic shutdown times, allowing Xbox users to configure their consoles to shut down after being inactive for 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, or 45 minutes. A couple of fixes have also been added, addressing certain connectivity and language issues. To reiterate, all of this is currently only available to Xbox Insiders in the Alpha Skip-Ahead ring, and it’s not yet clear when these new features will go live for everyone.

Microsoft has made quite a few quality-of-life improvements for Xbox users in recent times. Among them are being able to switch a TV’s input to console by simply pressing the Xbox button on one’s controller, revealing the descriptions for secret achievements, installing games from PC, and reducing startup times on Xbox consoles.

And it looks like users can look forward to even more improvements to their libraries. last month, another Insider update added labels to Xbox game tiles when those games aren’t playable, like when the game disc isn’t in the console or a Game Pass game has been removed from the service. This should go a long way towards mitigating any frustration Xbox users may encounter trying to access their games.

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