Nintendo Switch Sports Matt Fight

Wii Sports’ Legendary Matt Returns In Nintendo Switch Sports’ Secret Mode

The infamous Wii Sports opponent Matt has returned in a secret mode in Nintendo Switch Sports, and players are excited to be defeated by him.

A hidden Nintendo Switch Sports difficulty mode features the internet famous and notoriously difficult opponent Matt. Since its release, comparisons between Nintendo Switch Sports and Wii Sports have been continuously made. Although Switch Sports is missing a few mini-games seen in its predecessor, the modernization of the sports games on a next-gen console has, for the most part, delighted Nintendo fans.

As of right now, there are six sports available in Nintendo Switch Sports, ranging from badminton to soccer and Chambara (Japanese-style sword-fighting) to classics such as bowling and tennis. Golf wasn’t available upon launch, but Nintendo plans on adding it in an update at some point this fall. The overall feel of Switch Sports control-wise is very similar to Wii Sports, even with the modern twist that appeals to the newer Nintendo crowd. A frequent nintendo Switch Sports complaint is the exclusion of Miis (besides the player’s own Mii if they choose to use it), although some have found the new anime-style player characters to be a pleasant alternative.


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Fortunately, an extremely iconic Mii has returned and is available in a hidden Legendary difficulty mode within Nintendo Switch Sports. Matt was the most difficult opponent and final boss in Wii Sports boxing and Wii Sports Resort‘s sword fighting. The legend of Matt encouraged a plethora of internet memes, with fans heavily exaggerating his abilities and difficulty. As reported by IGNa recent tweet from Nintendo of America including an image of Matt facing a Switch Sports character during sword fighting has gained tens of thousands of likes, way more than a previous tweet about the game on the same day. Nintendo stated that entering the button combinations “ZR + R + A or ZL + L + →” on the sword fighting difficulty screen will allow players to face off against Matt – and more than likely be defeated.

The Iconic Mii Matt Returns In Nintendo Switch Sports

Fans have erupted in excitement, eager to see Matt “the GOAT” back in action, even though they seem to be gaining more losses than wins. In the difficulty mode, Matt is even titled “Legend” by Nintendo themselves. Some have even suggested that the return of Matt is what has finally convinced them to purchase Nintendo Switch Sports.

Nintendo Switch Sports has so far been relatively successful, even though Wii Sports fans were apprehensive about its existence at first. A recent Switch Sports update has added new moves, ranks, and online abilities to add even more to the experience. However, Nintendo Switch Sports‘ Players might now be focusing solely on defeating the Legendary Matt.

Source: IGN, Nintendo of America/Twitter

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