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(Video) These Women Wanted To Flaunt Their Lamborghinis In Langkawi But It Backfired

It’s not of our business how people decide to spend their money. While people from different income groups may have differing views on what is essential and what is not, at the end of the day, you do you.

But one thing money can’t buy is Class. Just because you’re rich, it doesn’t mean you’re classy. If you want to flaunt your luxurious possessions to feel good about yourself then perhaps think twice or you might just end up embarrassing yourself. These two entrepreneurs wanted to show off their sweet rides but things did not go as planned.


yuni saja je buat masuk lamborghini kat langkawi kot kot orang langkawi takpernah tengok lamborghini😝 #fyp #vitamilk #lamborghini #viral

♬ original sound – Hilman Hamzah – Hilman Hamzah

A video posted on TikTok by @ayunieso24 or Yuni, who is the founder of VITAMilk, showed the entrepreneur and her friend, Farhana Zahra, founder of SUSU MOMEGOJES, going for a ride in their (vibrant blue and orange colored) Lamborghini Huracán EVO around Langkawi. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with that but the caption for the post was what triggered the public.

The caption reads, “I just wanted to drive in my Lamborghini and who knows if the people of Langkawi have never seen a Lamborghini before 😝,” basically insinuating that the locals of the tropical archipelago have never seen or couldn’t afford a luxury car such as hers. The TikTok post has now garnered over 330k views, 15.2k likes and 3.7k comments at the time of writing this article.


Netizens did not appreciate her distasteful caption as many commented saying that she’s craving attention for thinking that the people of Langkawi would be curious enough to stand there in awe upon seeing a Lamborghini Huracán EVO. Some even retaliated by asking her if it’s actually her first time in Langkawi. Others commented that they’re already so used to seeing luxury cars around the islands.


Kenapa eh langkawi ade minyak murah i? Memang org langkawi xisi ke minyak 916? Geram tau cikna cari minyak xjumpa 😭😭 #fyp #fypシ

♬ original sound – Farhana Zahra – Farhana Zahra

The entrepreneur has yet to respond to any of the comments on her TikTok video but as for her friend in the video, Farhana previously posted on her TikTok (as seen above) complaining about how petrol stations in Langkawi do not have expensive or premium fuel such as RON97 or RON100 to fill up her Lamborghini. “Why does Langkawi only have cheap fuel?” she said in the video.

According to TheVocket, most luxury car owners who frequently travel to Langkawi would usually fill up their car’s fuel tank before the trip. Some would also bring extra fuel barrels containing premium fuels from Perlis to make it easier for them to use while on the islands.

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