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(Video) Nigel Ng Visits Brothel In Indonesia & Regrets Not Hooking Up With 3 Hookers

Nigel Ng is famous for his online persona, Uncle Roger and for raking in trouble which landed him in hot waters with the whole of Singapore a few months ago. However, it’s his blunt words and laid-back demeanor that makes watching his videos and listening to his podcasts even more enjoyable.

Speaking of podcasts, after the latest leg of the HAIYAA World Tour, the stand-up comedian released episode 32 of the HAIYAA podcast series “HAIYAA with Nigel Ng”. He shared many stories in the 48-minute video, but one in particular piqued the interest of his viewers: his visit to a five-storey brothel in Jakarta during his performance in Indonesia on 3rd and 4th August.


In his podcast, he described his meeting with an Indonesian arms dealer, who was the tour organizer’s investor. Following their meeting, the arms dealer brought Nigel along with his friend and brother to an undisclosed brothel in what Nigel claims to be a sketchy area of ​​North Jakarta.

The brothel owner then gave the internet sensation a tour of the establishment. “They have five floors, you can choose to go clubbing, you can choose to do karaoke or you can choose the spa place, (which) has pool and massages, and there’s a restaurant and a hotel attached to it too,” he explained.

Nigel explained that the owner had brought out a set of 50 women for the group to choose from, but the men did not choose at all, much to his surprise and disappointment. “I didn’t pick one because the arms dealer, who was married, didn’t pick one. So he could kill people with weapons but he won’t cheat on his wife. Such great ethics,” Nigel went on.

Despite the wonderful experience, he regretted following the majority at that time. “I was too much of ap***y to hire a hooker. I kind of regret it now, to be honest, I should’ve taken the awkwardness. They wanted to buy me hookers. Where else would you get free hookers? And also they wanted to show their generosity, it would have made them happy if I took a hooker or three,” he said.

The comedian did, however, joke that he might visit North Jakarta again. So, maybe he will get his wish after all. Watch the video here (you can skip to 27:35 for his story about meeting with the Indonesian arms dealer and brothel):


Sources: Youtube, Twitter

Neetashini Kanendran contributed to this article

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