Valve ‘Has A Lot of Games in Development,’ Says Valve’s Product Designer

Considering how remarkably prolific Valve has been over the years with its various non-game projects, it’s sometimes easy to forget that the company is, in fact, still a game developer as well. Its latest flagship release, Half Life: Alyx, was very well-received overall, but its VR exclusivity meant that many players never got around to playing it, limiting its overall reach and appeal.

According to Valve‘s product designer, Greg Coomer, the company isn’t close to being done developing actual video games. While reiterating how important game development is to the company, he also admitted to there being multiple games undergoing active development at Valve already, and said that the company will continue releasing games in the near and far future.


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“A lot of people are involved [in game development at Valve],” Coomer said. While it’s exceedingly unlikely any of these alleged productions relates to the canceled Half Life Ravenholm gameCoomer did admit that there will, in fact, be more Half Life games on the market eventually. Specifically, Coomer stated that there’s more to say about the world of Half Lifeand that fans ought to take Alyx as a sign of this being the case.

Notably, Coomer also said that it may be time for a new Portal game, in that he’d like to make another FPS puzzler set in this world sometime down the line. Since Half Life and Portal do take place in the same universe, a joint project of some sort wouldn’t be too out of place, especially since there were rumors of the mythical Half Life 3 already connecting the two disparate series into one continuity before it got sheltered.

At the same time, it’s worth pointing out that short mini games like the Aperture Desk Job may be what Valve is currently working on. Coomer’s responses were decidedly vague, and could easily refer to games like office job in broad terms. As promising as much of what Coomer has said might be, there aren’t any real timelines on offer, and there’s no available description for any of the games that Valve is currently working on. In other words, they really could be anything.

Furthermore, Valve’s hardware division is stronger than ever before now that the Steam Deck has proven to be a successful endeavor. Valve wants to make new Steam Deck versions sometime in the future, and it wouldn’t be too strange if its other projects took a backseat in lieu of the more exciting and potentially industry-changing hardware releases. As it is, only time will tell what comes of Coomer’s promises.

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