Twitter rolls out podcasts with Spaces redesign

Twitter rolls out podcasts with Spaces redesign

Twitter has been adding a lot of new features to its platform over the past few months like CoTweets and giving people the ability to follow users without creating an account. Starting today, Twitter will begin connecting people in a new way, allowing folks on the platform to enjoy podcasts from around the world.

While it had been rumored for quite some time and Twitter is now rolling out podcast integration into its app. While some suspected it would be a separate product, the podcasts are snuggly packed inside Twitter Spaces. Up until now, Twitter Spaces was an audio platform that allowed users to have live audio conversations. It had a host with the option for two co-hosts and an unlimited audience. Despite podcasts rolling out, this feature will still continue to exist.

In order to make podcast integration as smooth as possible, the company redesigned the Spaces tab by introducing hubs that can be personalized. Content is grouped by themes so listeners can find what they are looking for at a glance. There will be themes like news, music, sports, and more. Users will also have access to live and recorded content. The reason why the Spaces redesign is important is that it will continue to host Spaces, but will also incorporate podcasts.

The company will also try and curate content by utilizing existing user data, and giving podcast recommendations. Listeners will also be able to like and dislike content in order to improve their recommendations. This should be big for Twitter, as the company has stated that according to its research, 45% of the people on its platform in the US listen to podcasts. Currently, the update is rolling out to select English-speaking Twitter users on iOS and Android. Now, if we can only get an edit button by the end of the year.

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