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Turbo Golf Racing Road Map Reveals Content Coming in Future Updates

The early access release of Turbo Golf Racing took Xbox Game Pass by surprise. The oddball game, which combines Rocket League-style sports combat with golf at break-neck speeds, has now been available for over a week and is garnering a healthy audience based on word of mouth. Developer Hugecalf Studios is looking to maintain that Xbox Game Pass momentum and has already dropped a substantial Turbo Golf Racing update. That’s not all, though, as Turbo Golf Racing has also received a roadmap plotting out substantial additions to the game over the coming year.


While Turbo Golf Racing already has a foundational amount of content available in its early access launch, Hugecalf has lofty ambitions for the game. Over the next 12 months, major features will robustly expand the title. The new roadmap breaks down those plans into a list of general game modes, features, and other content. The roadmap is split into three areas. First, the recent August 12 patch, then what’s “Coming Soon” and is planned for the next few months, and lastly features that are “On the Horizon.”

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The “Coming Soon” section of the roadmap features content for Turbo Golf Racing that is actively being worked on. Key feature additions in this section include Global Leaderboards, Private Lobbies, Cross-platform Parties, and an Improved Quest System. There are also content-focused additions, like what players would expect from a live-service style of game. These additions include new levels, a new biome, and Early Access Season 2.

“On the Horizon” are three key feature additions, but also the promise of much more. The biggest addition, by far, is a Ranked Mode. This is something players will be anxious to see added to the game, so Turbo Gold Racing will hopefully manage to add it sooner rather than later. Hugecalf will also be adding in-game stats for players to dissect their gameplay with, as well as new pick-ups.

While the roadmap may be a little thin on detail, with no firm release windows in place, Hugecalf hopes its efforts so far show it’s worth trusting going forward. Having launched Turbo Gold Racing on August 4, Hugecalf has already dropped a healthy patch featuring 6 new levels, the Whippy car, two power cores, 10 more cosmetics to collect, and various bug fixes.

Needless to say, those who have already discovered Turbo Golf Racing and those who may not give it a try have a lot to look forward to. Turbo Golf Racing will tentatively remain in early access for 12 months, but Hugecalf is scheduling out an update plan that’s potentially as robust as a live service game’s support. It’ll be exciting to see what’s in store for Turbo Golf Racing next.

Turbo Golf Racing is available now on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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