ddc electronic lock password location in tower of fantasy

Tower of Fantasy: DDC Electronic Password Lock

Electronic locks in Tower of Fantasy protect chests behind barriers. These chests contain lots of precious loot that helps players upgrade their gears or even pull for the newest Tower of Fantasy characters. There are several Electronic Locks around Aesperia, scattered around, waiting for players to reap its rewards.

To find the password that unlocks the Electronic Lock, search for the robots around the area. The robots will carry the same name the Electronic Lock has. So, for example, in order to find the DDC Electronic Lock password, players have to search and find at least three DDC robots around the barrier.


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What Is The DDC Electronic Lock Password

The DDC Electronic Lock password is 3594 in Tower of Fantasy. Inserting the password correctly will lead players in the room behind the barrier to open the Golden Supply Pod inside. These Supply Pods are important to find since they usually contain at least one Tower of Fantasy Golden Nucleus.

The DDC Electronic Lock is located in front of The Lumine ship at the Seaforth Dock in Crown. The lock has a 4-digit password with only three Barrier Password Memory robots located around the camp. To unlock later Electronic Devices, wanderers have to search carefully to get the available password digits, then try to figure out the last remaining digit by trying all the available numbers.

Where To Find The DDC Electronic Lock Password

A cliff near the camp conceals the first Barrier Password Memory, which is difficult to find. It is accessible by ascending wooden platforms until reaching two Aidan snipers almost at the end. After jumping off, wanderers must land on a cliff tucked under the wooden platform. It is here that players will find their first Barrier Password Memory that contains the first password digit, which is three.

At the docks of the camp, behind a small wooden house, players can find the second Barrier Password Memory in Tower of Fantasy. As soon as players interact with the robot, they will be able to access the third password digit, which is nine. Wanderers may have noticed that the number nine is not included in the passcode input. But don’t worry, it is still within the numbers, only that it is replaced by ‘10% off’.

The last Barrier Password Memory can be found right under the DDC Electronic Lock at the beach ground in front of a wooden house. However, players should be careful and not approach it blindly since it is guarded by 3 enemies, including Lieutenant Lun, which can be difficult to deal with for some players. After defeating the previously mentioned enemies with an appropriate weapon in Tower of Fantasyplayers can check the Barrier Password Memory to obtain the last password digit which is four. On a side note, defeating Lieutenant Lun may drop a Clair’s Dream Machine.

Tower of Fantasy is now available on PC and Mobile.

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