Stray First Person Mod

This First Person Mod For Stray Lets You See Life Through A Cat’s Eyes

Sometimes it can be difficult getting into a cat’s head. Does that mean they’re hungry? Playful? Do they want cuddles, or does that adorably exposed belly fur just a clever ruse to rip a poor unsuspecting cat lover’s arm to tiny ribbons?

stray doesn’t really answer any of these questions, but it does let you meow at the press of a button. And now, there’s a new mod that further enhances your kitty insight by letting you see the world from their eyes.

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The Stray First Person Mod is exactly what it sounds like. Enabling this mod swaps Stray’s typical behind-the-back camera to one that sits squarely between the eyes of the game’s feline protagonist. Pad along the cyberpunk streets of robot city and see the world through the eyes of a cat.


You can download the mod over on NexusMods courtesy of creator Jessica Natalia. Installation is easy; just download the file and extract it into your game’s install folder. Jessica notes in the readme that the mod might even work on platforms other than PC.

The mod isn’t perfect, however. There’s a bug where the cat will appear on camera whenever you jump or run too fast, giving you a perfect view of the cat’s behind. You can also spot your kitty when walking on short ledges as the camera seems to pop out to be slightly beside you rather than inside the cat’s head. And it’s also not recommended for first-time players as it can be hard to see jump prompts making many of Stray’s puzzles leaps of faith.

Check out the trailer above to see the Stray First Person Mod in action. And if you want even more variety for your next Stray playthrough, we got you covered. Got a friend? There’s a Stray local co-op mod, so you can both be cats in a robot city. Don’t have a friend? Play as a tiny, four-legged Shrek and be perfectly comfortable with forever being alone. Or if you have your own cat, you can reach out to this modder to transpose your kitty’s unique personality into Stray.

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