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The Galaxy Z Fold 4 Goes Through The Mandatory Durability Test

There’s a new expensive flagship phone on the market, and you know what that means. It’s time for another durability test by Zack from JerryRig Everything, and this time, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is in the hot seat.

Last year’s Galaxy Z Fold 3 was given the typical durability test, and it was able to survive with flying colors. This time around, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is not much changed, but Samsung did actually make the phone thinner. This is something that would worry anyone regarding its durability.

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 gets put through the famous durability test

So, anyone in the smartphone tech space should know how these durability tests go down. Zack tests the display’s hardness, the display’s fire resistance, the materials the phone’s made of, and, finally, the bed test.

This test went a little different, as he needed to test how the phone handles dust. He put a handful of sand on the phone and opened and shut it repeatedly. Those of us who didn’t pass out from utter shock saw that the phone survived.

Just like last year, the internal display is made from ultra-thin glass. Being ultra-thin glass, it’s ultra-prone to teeth. The glass is soft enough to suffer indents from your fingernails. That’s to be expected, however.

The piece de resistance of the video, as always, is the bend test. First, he bent it while it was folded, then he bent it while it was unfolded. If you dropped nearly two grand on this phone, then you’d be happy to know that it survived the test with flying colors. When opened, it fared better than some other non-folding phones.

This is a major smack to the face of other companies whose phones failed the test (looking at you, OnePlus). If you’re in the market for this phone, you can read Android Headlines’ full review on this phone.

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