Sunsoft Is Back After a Long Break and Reveals Three New Games

Sunsoft has just released a new presentation that officially marks their return! Once a prolific video game developer and publisher in the ’90s, the studio continued to operate but at a much smaller scale during the last decade. The new presentation reveals three new games and two soundtracks the studio plans to publish within the next year.

The new three games that are coming soon are Mr. Gimmick! Special edition releasing this winter, Ikki Unite releasing by the end of this year, and Uforia The SAGA releasing in early 2023.

Sunsoft is also releasing new Soundtracks for both Mr. Gimmick and Uforia The SAGA, the latter one titled “Journey to Silius”. Both soundtracks will be released for Vinyl Cassette and within the same time slot as their respective games.

The announcements also reveal the new Sunsoft strategy to capitalize on their existing catalog of classic games and meet the demand for retro gaming. The studio was first founded in the 1970s and was incredibly popular until its parent company, Sun Corporations, bank wentrupt in the 1990s.

Sunsoft is also inviting players to participate in the Ikki Unite‘s closed beta, which should give fans a chance to play the game ahead of its full release in a couple of months. Interested players are invited to sign-up on the studio’s website.

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