Street Fighter 6 New Gameplay Footage Features Juri and Kimberly Combat

In the time since we did our last piece about the addition of Juri and Kimberly to the Street Fighter 6 roster at EVO 2022, fans have eagerly been waiting to see more of the two exciting, brutal fighters. Fret not: we’ve got some Street Fighter 6 new gameplay footage of Juri and Kimberly slugging it out.

Enjoy 11 minutes of the fluid, visceral combat the Street Fighter series is known for, complete with beautiful animations for finishers and specials:

Juri has been part of the Street Fighter series since 2010’s Super Street Fighter IV. She is a very popular character for players with an aggressive playstyle. Her Taekwondo-inspired moveset and flashy animations make her one of the series’ most vibrant characters.

Kimberly is an all-new addition to the series. Her story is connected to that of the ninpō master Guy, who has been part of the series since 1995’s Street Fighter Alpha. Kimberly is an “uninvited student” to Guy, and practices his Bushinryu school of martial arts. Despite her loud, playful personality, her fighting style displays finesse and a noticeable restraint.

Capcom will release Street Fighter 6 sometime next year for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. In the meantime, check out the official character pages for Juri and Kimberleyas well as our article on the difference between the Classic and the Modern control schemes.

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