World of Anterra

“Skyrim with pixel art” blows past its Kickstarter goal, clearing the way for a 2023 launch

World of Anterra, a Skyrim-inspired indie set in an absolutely lovely pixel-art world, has reached its Kickstarter funding goal and is set to launch in 2023. In celebration of the big milestone, the developers have released a new trailer.

In case you missed our original story on World of Anterra, the developers describe it as “Skyrim with pixel art,” and while that’s certainly a fair description, it also somehow sells the concept short. While the game seems to share a lot of features with Skyrim and other open world RPGs – the vast, diverse landscapes, the epic, non-linear story, fishing, cooking, etc. – it’s also promising a lot of fresh, rather ambitious ideas. The streamlined grid-based combat system and minimalist UI, for example, show that the developers at 81monkeys aren’t just tracing lines from a blueprint here.

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