Samsung’s New Mascot Has A Ridiculously Uncreative Name

Samsung has announced a new avatar that will be the face of the brand across its digital channels. While the blue alien is cute, its name isn’t.

Samsung has a new mascot, and while it looks cute, its name is not only ridiculous but also shows a lack of creativity. There are a handful of tech companies that have a mascot or avatar that is associated with their brand or product. The most popular is probably ‘Bugdroid,’ the green robot that has become synonymous with the Android operating system for more than a decade now.

Chinese brand Xiaomi also has a mascot called ‘Mitu’ (Mi Bunny), which is a white rabbit with a red scarf tied around its neck. Its subsidiaries, Redmi and POCO, have their own mascots too. Fellow Chinese brand Realme also has a cat mascot called ‘Realmeow.’ While some might find them childish, mascots or avatars can help a brand become more engaging and recognizable to customers.


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The new mascot, which Samsung says will be its avatar in the metaverse and across digital channels, is called G∙NUSMAS which is Samsung spelled backward. Samsung has even crafted a story for it. As revealed in the press release, G∙NUSMAS is a blue alien with large, beady eyes, inspired by the joke that Samsung’s products are designed and developed by an alien. G∙NUSMAS is said to be from a planet 100 million light years away from Earth called Nowus-129. In an even cringier twist, that’s actually the address of Samsung’s headquarters (129 Suwon) spelled backward.

A Way To Connect With Millennials & Gen Z Customers

Samsung says it plans to release short-form videos that will expand on G∙NUSMAS’ background. These videos will focus on his birth, accidental arrival on earth, and how he became an engineer at Samsung’s HQ. Samsung says the video will show the alien’s interaction with multiple Samsung products. Perhaps Samsung will tease a product or two or show off prototype devices.

In its official announcement, Samsung says that the avatar was created to connect with younger generations, specifically Millennials and Gen Z consumers. Considering the youngest Millennials are in their mid-20s, Samsung may have gotten its target audience wrong already. It may want to remove Millennials and replace them with much younger Gen Alpha who are more likely to relate to the avatar.

G∙NUSMAS will be formally unveiled at IFA 2022 while its story will be released on Sept. 2 across Samsung’s social media channels, including YouTube and Facebook, and its official website. Samsung also says that consumers will be able to communicate with the mascot through the metaverse and its social media channels.

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