Samsung Odyssey Ark Rotating Curved Gaming Monitor To Cost RM13,999 In Malaysia

Thanks to its gigantic stature especially when it is portrait orientation, the Samsung Odyssey Ark gaming monitor became one of the company’s main stars during its outing at CES 2022 earlier this year. Soon, the 55-inch curved gaming monitor will be made available here in Malaysia.

As per our previous report, we first noticed the sign of its imminent arrival in our market when the monitor suddenly appeared on Samsung Malaysia’s official website. We reached out to the company for further clarification when we discovered the listing last week but we did not receive any response.

[Image: Samsung.]
Samsung Odyssey Ark
[Image: Samsung.]

Fast forward to today, the Odyssey Ark made its way into a media note from Samsung Malaysia as one of the products that will be part of its 9.9 promos. The company said that the new gaming monitor will be made available for pre-order from 8 to 18 September onwards with a price tag of RM13,999.


This means that Malaysian gamers will be able to get their hands on the new monitor for less on this side of the world, given that the monitor is priced at USD3,500 (~RM15,723) over in the United States. Not only that, pre-order customers in Malaysia will also receive a significant free goodie in the form of The Freestyle projector.

Over there, Samsung offers USD200 (~RM898) credit alongside discounts on Samsung Care+ extended warranty plans for pre-order customers. Since the Freestyle projector itself already has a price tag of RM4,999 in our marketit looks like Samsung is working really hard to push local gamers towards its new flagship curved gaming monitor.

As for where exactly gamers can obtain this promo, Samsung Malaysia informed us that there will be a follow-up announcement on 8 September which is the day that the pre-order will start. Given that, we would recommend you to keep a look at the Samsung Malaysia website gold facebook page from time to time for further updates if you plan to get your hands on the massive 55-inch 4K 1000R curved gaming monitor.

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