River City Ransom & Downtown Nekketsu Series Creator Has Died

You may not be familiar with the name Mitsuhiro Yoshida, but you should know the work he has done: the RiverCity Ransom series of games, or the Nekketsu titles in Japan.

Mitsuhiro Yoshida passed away on 30 August. He was the president of Miracle Kidz, but he was remembered more for creating the Kunio-Kun games like River City Ransom and Super Dodgeball for the NES, among others.

While a majority of the Kunio-Kun games never made it outside of Japan and thus not in English, the aforementioned River City Ransom was the most iconic title yet. It blended beat-em-up belt action brawling with a few JRPG leveling-up mechanics. Rest in peace, Yoshida-san: you will be missed.

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