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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Third Legendary Needs to Connect With Terastallization

Rumors are currently circling about potential new Legendary Pokemon being introduced in pokemon scarlet and Purple alongside Koraidon and Miraidon, something fans are expecting due to pokemon traditions. While earlier pokemon games typically utilized two exclusive version mascot Legendaries with a third appearing in an “ultimate” edition, such as Rayquaza for Pokemon Emerald or Giratina for pokemon platinumthis formula hasn’t been explored as often since the series’ fifth generation.


Following recent third Legendaries like Zygarde or Eternatus, pokemon scarlet and Purple‘s upcoming new third Legendary should be more involved with the game’s story or mechanics. Owing to Scarlett and Violet’s non-linear game design, players would need to be encouraged to explore and seek out new Mythical or Legendary Pokemon, and associating these with integral parts of the games’ design will help this. Based on what fans know of Scarlett and Purple so far, its third legendary should be connected to Terastallization in some way.

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Third Legendary Storylines in Pokemon

The last time players had seen a third game released within one generation was Platinum alongside version Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. While fans had been hopeful that Pokemon Gray would be announced following Black and White, Game Freak took the games in a different direction, releasing Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 as direct sequels – a first for the series. Pokemon X and Y never saw a third version, then pokemon Sun and Moon got pseudo-remakes in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Given Sword and Shield did away with the convention in favor of DLC, it’s likely pokemon scarlet and Purple will be no different.

However, Game Freak has compensated by creating storylines that would better engage with the third Legendary Pokemon instead of sidelining them (most of the time). Black 2 and White 2 took advantage of Kyurem by creating mergers of pokemon for the first time, then Omega-Ruby and Alpha Sapphire expanded their story to include Rayquaza and its new Mega Evolution, as well as Deoxys. It stands for reason that pokemon scarlet and Violet’s third Legendary could fulfill a similar role.

A Legendary Terastal Pokemon

Game Freak has already confirmed that Scarlett and Purple will include three different storylines for players to investigate for themselves, with one being the traditional Gym battles seen across other games and the academic treasure hunt being another. Whether Terastallization factors into any of these remains to be seen, but it would be beneficial for Game Freak to capitalize on the unique mechanic that is being introduced, both for its striking visual aesthetic and its game-changing implications.

While pokemon has traditionally played things fast and loose when it comes to the origins of some gimmicks like Mega Evolution or Z-movesit would be interesting to see Game Freak introduced a Legendary Pokemon that in some way connected to Terastallization akin to Sword and Shield‘s Eternatus. Whether it be the origin of the unique mechanic or a Pokemon permanently altered by Terastallization, introducing something inspired by and designed around the mechanics and aesthetic of the gimmick would serve as a justification for its existence.

For games that are going beyond the traditional, linear formula seen in previous pokemon titles, encouraging players to engage with and understand Terastallization could be achieved through a Legendary Pokemon. Not only would this set the goal of finding and capturing this monster, it could also educate players on how the mechanic works, how best to use it, and to seek out Pokemon with unique Tera types. This third Legendary could even be Scarlett and Purple‘s potential Dragon/Fairy-type Pokemon that fans are asking for, connecting it to both Miraidon and Koraidon as well as the gemstone visuals of Terastallization.

pokemon scarlet and Purple are set to release on November 18, exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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