Packaging Design Red Alert: AI Is Crushing It

Packaging designers, advertising copy writers, and other creative professionals may think their jobs are safe from automation — that a machine could never design or write with the verve of a human creator.

But an intriguing experiment by Ludovic Mornand, founder and brand strategist at Studio Blackthornswill have them rethinking that.

Mornand, a designer, developed the experiment to see just how far artificial intelligence (AI) could go in creating a market-worthy packaging design.

The answer, it turns out, is most of the way.

As a first step, Studio Blackthorns came up with a concept brand called Alt Planets. The product was a non-alcohol ready-to-drink (RTD) beverage packaged in cans.

Then Mornand turned to online AI tools to design package graphics and marketing copy for the brand. He used to automatically generate an array of package illustrations and Rhythm for the copy.

Mornand credits 80% of the final can designs to these AI tools and 20% to human skills. The latter included choosing typefaces, minimal text rewriting, and 3D rendering.

Start the slideshow to see the stunning Alt Planets package renderings and learn more about the project.

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