OPPO Band 2: 14 days of autonomy and more than 100 sports to compete with Xiaomi's Smart Band 7

OPPO Band 2: 14 days of autonomy and more than 100 sports to compete with Xiaomi’s Smart Band 7

A new activity bracelet hits the market, the OPPO Band 2 has just landed and aims to compete with proposals from companies like Xiaomi gold Huawei.

Smart watches and activity bracelets have become essential accessories for many users. Currently we find a huge number of proposals from different companies such as Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi and, for a few months, OPPO that today has presented new devices.

Among these devices that we have seen today we find its new line of smartphones, a tablet that aims to compete with the proposals of Samsung and Huawei. But this has not been all since has launched the OPPO Band 2, an activity bracelet that looks a lot like a smart watch.

Being clear, the OPPO Band 2 is halfway between a bracelet and a smart watch. On an aesthetic level, we find a 1.57-inch rectangular format screen with AMOLED technology and a resolution of 256 x 402 pixels.. It is a good size screen, giving rise to a bracelet that weighs 33 grams with the straps.

Inside this activity bracelet we find several sensors, among which the heart rate sensor stands out, the one designed to record the phases of sleepthe sensor that measures the concentration of oxygen in the blood and the one designed to record the stress suffered by the person wearing this bracelet.

In addition, being a bracelet designed to practice sports what OPPO has done is integrate features such as resistance up to 5 atmospheres of pressure and be able to record more than 100 different sports. It can also automatically recognize 4 sports, offering directions for navigation.

The autonomy of this battery is marked by a 200 mAh battery that, according to OPPO, is capable of offering up to 14 days of duration. The truth is that this is likely to be the case in some special way or with a much more restrained use, since any bracelet when using its sensors or exercising daily does not offer this duration.

This new activity bracelet that arrives to compete with the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 or the Huawei Band 7 will be available from November. The official price with which this bracelet will arrive will be 69 euros, the figure places it in a difficult position since it has quite voracious competition and that can mean that it is not as successful.

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