Nikita Mazepin: Italian Police seize properties belonging to the former Haas F1 driver

Previous Hass The driver and his father were included in the list of people sanctioned by the European Union in early March after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The European Union has described the elder Mazepin as “a member of Vladimir Putin’s closest circle” since the Russian president invited him to a meeting in February of 36 other businessmen to discuss how sanctions would affect Russia.

A statement from the Italian Financial Police read: “A real estate asset worth approximately €105 million has been frozen because it is attributed to Russian billionaire Dmitry Arkadievich Mazepin and his son Nikita Dmitrievich Mazepin, until March 5 as a driver in Formula 1. The Haas F1 Team.

The property is an apartment complex in Portisco, Sardinia.

The seized property is an apartment complex in Portesque.

Both are among the Russians targeted by EU sanctions.”

The statement added that the ownership of Sardinian real estate is linked to the Mazbein family through a “foreign company”.

Mazepin’s manager declined to comment when contacted by CNN. It is unclear if the director is speaking on behalf of the two men, but he told CNN, “Neither of them would like to comment.”

In an interview with the BBC before his Sardinian property was confiscated, Nikita Mazepin said: “I do not agree with my presence in penalties. I have said earlier that I intend to fight it. Perhaps, now is not the time because if you look at the whole situation that is happening against athletes and in general, It is the abolition of culture against my country.”

CNN has also reached out to Dmitriy Mazepin through his company for comment.

During the 2021 season, the youngest Mazepin He drove for the Haas F1 team and took last place in the drivers’ championship, before his contract was terminated on 5 March following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

On the same day, Hass also terminated the contract of its main sponsor Uralkali, a Russian chemical production company partly owned by Dmitry Mazepin’s subsidiary Uralchem.

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