'MultiVersus' offers classic fighting action Super Smash Bros-style

‘MultiVersus’ offers classic fighting action Super Smash Bros-style

DUBLIN: You’re longing for a game that’s only, and we mean only, about fun combat, similar to Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. series?

Look no further, as MultiVersus is here, attempting a new take on the timeless concept.

The free-to-play crossover fighting game developed by Player First Games and published by Warner Bros. features various arenas where you battle against other players either in a 2-vs-2 or 1-vs-1 format, with free-for-all options also available.

Regardless of battle mode, the goal stays the same: Inflict as much damage as possible on your opponents with well-combined attacks to kick them out of the arena.

Instead of Nintendo favorites like Mario, Link or Fox, the game features a large repertoire of Warner Bros. characters, from Bugs Bunny and Tom & Jerry, to Superman and Wonder Woman, and even Arya Stark from Game Of Thrones.

In MultiVersusyou can even choose to fight as LeBron James, in his role in Space Jam.

In the past, many games have attempted and failed in conjuring up a good Super Smash Bros experience, purpose MultiVersus comes fairly close, spicing things up with a lot of new ideas.

Characters are categorized into five different roles, Assassin, Bruiser, Mage, Support and Tank, each with different traits and skills. That way, you can combine them to come up with the perfect team.

Another plus is the crossplay support, allowing players from different platforms to battle with or against each other in multiplayer mode.

Some 10 million people have already tried out the open Beta version, and MultiVersusavailable to download for free for the PC, PlayStation and Xbox, is set to become a hit.

Players can purchase additional characters and the in-game “premium currency” gleamium in the app. The “Premium Founder’s Pack” for US$99.99 (RM446) includes 30 Character Tickets, 2,500 gleamium and several other add-ons. – dpa


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