The series of Monster Hunter has sold a total of 11 million copies. So it announced it Capcomsharing to social networks. The director of the game, Yasunori Ichinose, wrote a message that wanted to thank the fans for the wonderful result. With this update, Monster Hunter Rise may have surpassed the third position of Capcom's best-selling games, given that [] []] it [simple time] that [e]he [so] a lot, like that it was a steal from the game's title.

Monster Hunter Rise, sales of 11 million copies: Capcom announced it is coming!

Monster Hunter has earned 11 million copies. It announced the concept of Capcomsharing on social networks of a message written by the director of the game, Yasunori Ichinose. The fans wanted to thank him for the excellent results.

With this update Monster Hunter Rise may have surpassed the third in Capcom’s best-selling games, if the ranking was established by two days ago and brought in 11,200 copies and a dick of Resident Evil 7.

The hunting game was launched in March 2021 on Nintendo Switch and last January on PCMonster Hunter Rise – the latest episode of a series that’s almost always popular even in the West. It is a hunting game par excellence, which lets you do the chasing of enormous monsters.

As a monster hunter, situated in the ninja-themed town of Kamura, Monster Hunter Rise calls for you to explore lush ecosystems to get to the ultimate destination of monsters in the world.

The hunters must face a terrible monster that is threatening to bury the lands to extinction.

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