Minecraft Now August wants you to pick your favorite boss

Minecraft Now August wants you to pick your favorite boss

Minecraft Now August is going live later today and will give players another chance to see more of the people who work on the sandbox game, along with an opportunity to pick their favorite boss. There’s going to be a showdown between the guests and either the ender dragon gold The Witherand it’s up to the viewers to decide which.

Previous videos have shown off things like new minecraft mobsand the voting in one of them even led to us all getting to meet the Allay. While today’s iteration is unlikely to hold anything quite as substantial, it still makes for a good way to spend some time and an entertaining affair.

Where and how to watch Minecraft Now August

You can watch Minecraft Now: August 2022 on YouTube when it goes live at 5 pm BSTbut if you’re hoping for a glimpse into what the video might hold, you can read a rundown on the Minecraft website. One of the most interesting things about today’s episode is that players can vote on which boss the people on the show will be fighting, and you can do so by trying out the Minecraft Preview system.

Minecraft Preview is a new take on the Bedrock Beta program, and instead of being limited to certain platforms, will eventually be expanded to more places, which means even more players will be able to get involved in future previews and events. It’s nice to see a little more inclusivity and this kind of cross-platform integration as well, especially with so many versions of Minecraft out in the wild.

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