'Marvel's Midnight Suns' Arrives for Current-Gen Consoles and PC This December [Trailer]

‘Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ Arrives for Current-Gen Consoles and PC This December [Trailer]

The rollarcoaster of Firaxis’ Marvel’s Midnight Suns continue. After another announced delay last monthFiraxis and publisher 2K Games have announced at the D23Expo that the game will arrive December 2 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Storewhile the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions will arrive at a later date.

The announcement was accompanied by a new gameplay trailer that “showcases the full breadth of what players can do in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.” As a new and customizable Marvel character, The Hunter, players will lead a team of supernatural super heroes to face the growing unholy threats posed by Lilith.

In addition, a new set of video shorts, entitled Marvel’s Midnight Suns Prequel Shortswas also announced. Prequel Shorts is a set of five short videos that provide backstory on how Lilith became the Mother of Demons, and how superheroes like Blade, Magik, Ghost Rider, and Nico Minoru came together to form the young core of the Midnight Suns.

2K and Marvel Entertainment debuted the opening intro for Prequel Shortswith the first video premiering on Halloween via the Marvel Entertainment YouTube channel, with each video scheduled to be released weekly. Marvel’s Midnight Suns Prequel Shorts is being animated by Sun Creature Studio and Digic Pictures.

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