Instagram already allows you to share posts and Reels through a QR code: We tell you how to do it

Instagram already allows you to share posts and Reels through a QR code: We tell you how to do it

instagram knows that to stand up to rising platforms like TikTok, it’s not enough to deliver “inspired features” from other services. You need to ensure that the content generated to and from your service reaches every corner of the web.

That is why in recent months Metaits parent company, has launched various possibilities to give greater visibility to all kinds of content, where Reels have a special place.

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To these efforts, now one more has to be added that has to do with the ability to share publications, Reels and locations of anyone through a QR code.

This would have already been leaked by Alessandro Paluzzi who some time ago would have shared an early possibility screenshot of this feature that now seems to reach all Instagram users.

It is important to mention that this is not the first time that Instagram has opted for QR codes to give its platform greater visibility.

For four years, it has put on the table the possibility of sharing profiles through QR codes; however, the new option would be the first effort to use these codes to share individual posts.

Instagram: How to share posts and Reels with a QR code?

In fact, this was confirmed to TechCrunch by a Meta spokesperson who said:

“To make it easier for people and businesses to share specific content, we recently launched the ability to create QR codes for profiles, labels, locations, reels, and more”

The process to share Reels, publications and own locations as well as third parties from Instagram using a QR code is simple. Just follow these steps both from the web version and from the available mobile apps:

  • Enter Instagram and identify the content you want to share using a QR code
  • Click on the content and select the three points located in the upper right to open the menu
  • From here you must choose the option “Share in” and within the new drop-down menu select “QR Code”
  • Thus, the QR code will be generated automatically with options to customize its color. Once this value is adjusted, click on download to share the information.

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