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Huawei Home Storage device to come with HarmonyOS

Huawei is constantly releasing some or other smart gadgets. Recently, the company launched a new series of desktops in the Xinchuang market. According to the information, these are the new Qingyun W525 desktops that use Huawei Pangu M900 processors.

Huawei is a big name in the world of smart gadgets. Over time, the company has manufactured such devices that have attracted users in both outlook and performance aspects. Likewise, though the Chinese tech maker uses some external processorsit can develop its own processor that will prove more efficient than others.

As per the information brought by @UncleKanshanHuawei has launched an all-new Qingyun W525 PC with a self-developed processor, and several advanced characteristics.

So far, the Chinese manufacturer was utilizing Intel or AMD processors for its smart computers. However, the all-new Huawei Qingyun W525 desktop adopts the Pangu M900 chipsets on its core surface. Heard about this processor for the first time? Then let’s explore it in more detail.

Pangu M900 – Huawei’s self-developed processor!

Pangu M900 chipset is quite a kind of derivative of the Kirin family. It came into existence from the side of Shanghai HiSilicon Technology Co.Ltd. It consists of a 12nm process, 8 cores, 2.0GHz main frequency, and can offer 16GB, DDR4 3200, and more.

Apart from the internal components, the processor serves quite well in the performance grade. It has attained the first-level noise certification. On the flip side, it consumes less power and operates the entire mechanisms of the device effectively. As a result, these mini plates can easily replace Intel and other processors in the market.

Significantly, the PC-level processor mainly aims for government and business purposes. Although, the company might introduce the processor to ordinary consumers in the time ahead. Alongside of this intelligent chip, the Qingyun W525 also equips the Tongxin V20 operating system.

Though there isn’t much information about the mentioned PC at the moment. Yet, there are chances that it would have grabbed some tugs of the predecessor desktops – the Qingyun W515 desktop. Huawei Qingyun W515 carries a price tag of 5499 yuan [806.65 USD]. Further, the high-end gadget equips a 7nm Kirin 990 processor with 8 cores at 2.8GHz. Besides, it has a memory variant of 8GB/256GB.

Huawei Qingyun W525 Pangu M900


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