How To Stop Your iPhone From Overheating

How To Stop Your iPhone From Overheating

While things like charging, intense usage, and data-heavy setup won’t necessarily lead to overheating, it’s still a possibility. So be mindful if any of those everyday activities cause concern — if it’s warm enough for you to worry, it’s better to play it safe if you can.

Another major factor in iPhones getting too hot is, naturally, the temperature around them. Whether you’re outside on a hot day, doing something that requires a lot of processing power in an already warm room, or have your iPhone sitting in direct sunlight, you run the risk of making it overheat.

Aside from simply feeling warmer than you’d expect, you can also deduce that your iPhone is getting too warm if you notice a change in its behavior. It might suddenly take longer to charge than usual, or game and video performance will slow down. The display might also start to dim on its own or turn black completely. It could even disable your iPhone’s camera flash.

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