Crudites in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to make crudites in Disney Dreamlight Valley

If you want to help get Minnie back, you’ll have to rustle up some crudites in Disney Dreamlight Valley to set up a little picnic with Mickey. As part of the quest called Missing Minnie, Mickey will ask you to make two fish sandwiches and five plates of crudites for the picnic. If you know what crudites are it makes things easier, but it’s a fancy word for not a very fancy dish.

Disney Dreamlight Valley crudites recipe

(Image credit: Gameloft)

Crudites are essentially chopped-up vegetable sticks – you know, the kind of thing you’d dunk in a dip at a buffet or cookout. Or, well, a picnic!

Thankfully the Disney Dreamlight Valley crudites recipe is really simple. All you need is a single vegetable to throw into your cooking pot – just make sure it’s not lettuce as that will instead make a salad. So, use something like a carrot, tomato, or other veggie instead.

Making crudites at the stove in Disney Dreamlight Valley

(Image credit: Gameloft)

It’s not too fussy, unlike other dishes in Disney Dreamlight Valley that require really specific items – like the Disney Dreamlight Valley ratatouille recipe that you’ll need to get Remy to become a resident in your Valley.

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