How to Check an AirTag’s Battery Life

Find out when it’s time to replace the battery is Apple’s item tracker.

Apple’s AirTag is a top-notch item tracker. But since the device is battery-powered, you’ll need to be informed when the power is low so you can replace the cell.

We’ll show you how you can determine whether it’s time to replace the battery in your AirTag.

Two Ways to See When You Need an AirTag Battery Replacement

There are two ways you can find out when it’s time for an AirTag battery replacement.

The most notable way is that you will receive a notification on your iPhone. It will state that the AirTag battery is low on a specific tracker and that it needs to be replaced. If you select that notification, it will send you to the specific AirTag page in the Find My app.

And if you don’t know, the Find My app is the main place to interact with your AirTag.

Along with being able to see the tracker’s last known location, you can have a specific AirTag play a noise to help locate it if in range. It’s also the place to go to use your compatible iPhone’s tracking capability to get a better idea of ​​where the object is located.

In the app, you can also reset your AirTag to give it to someone else.

You can also use the app to see the remaining battery life left in your AirTag. Open Find My and select the Items tab. There you will see all of your AirTags.

Select the specific AirTag. Starting with iOS 16, you won’t see a specific battery life meter. You will only see an alert if your AirTag battery is low.

Just to note, there is a bit of wiggle room when you receive the low battery notification. Likely, you can use the AirTag for a few additional days without any worry. But you need to make sure to change the battery as soon as possible so you won’t lose access to the tracking functionality.

Anyone with Apple’s device tracker should also take a look at these great tips and tricks for the AirTag.

Energize Your AirTag Battery

With normal use, the AirTag battery is designed to last for about a year.

But there’s no need to worry about not knowing when the battery needs replacing. Along with the notification, you can always head to the Find My app for a quick check.

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