How To Catch An Eel For Maui

How To Catch An Eel For Maui

Disney Dreamlight Valley is full of fan-favorite Disney and Pixar characters, from Mickey and Mickey to Anna and Elsa. The game revolves around going to the realms of said players and bringing them back to the Dreamlight valley, an area they once lived in together before the great forgetting made them forget everything about themselves. In the valley, you get to interact with characters in multiple ways. From quests to side activities such as cooking with Remy, there is plenty of fun to be had with other characters in the game. One such character is Maui, the expert on fishing. This guide will cover how to catch an Eel for Maui in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How To Catch An Eel For Maui In Disney Dreamlight Valley

The first thing required to catch an Eel in the game is to build a fish trap. This requires three worms and eight softwoods. Worms are abundant under the dirt mounds in the Peaceful meadow. Softwood is scattered all around the plaza and Peaceful meadow.

Upon finding the required items, head to a crafting station. There, under ‘Furniture,’ you should be able to craft your fish trap.

Once the trap is complete, layer it around the dock on Dazzle beach. This is among the final steps for catching an Eel for Maui in Disney Dreamlight Valley. After doing this, notify Maui, and he will ask you to wait for an Eel. To do this, wait around the trap until an orange-ish circle appears near the trap; the moment this happens, start fishing, and you will end up with an Eel. Notify Maui and then bury the Eel; this will result in a Coconut/palm tree.

This concludes how to catch an Eel for Maui in Disney Dreamlight Valley.


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Disney Dreamlight Valley is available for Early Access on PC, PlayStation, Xbox consoles, and Nintendo Switch.

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