Heroes of Lithas Launches Fiery Campaign in the Maternity Ward

Heroes of Lithas Launches Fiery Campaign in the Maternity Ward

BBH has partnered with Goat Games, a developer and publisher of international mobile games based in Guangzhou, China for a fun, holistic campaign film for Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas, a free-to-play card-based RPG for iOS and Android. The game offers an unusual twist says the brand: it gives players the ability to create new generations of playable heroes by harnessing the power of bloodlines to combine the skills and powers of their predecessors.

To bring this concept to life, BBH has launched ‘New Legends Are Born’, a campaign that shows the magical birthing journey of a new legend – born out of an unexpected romance between two heroic clans.

And it’s likely not the kind of pregnancy an ordinary mortal would want to go through.

Check it out:

“We were impressed by BBH’s credentials in this field, and were so inspired by their creative concept that we decided to get our developers to reflect the advertising concept in-game with a new hybrid character,” said Alex Zhang, Marketing Director of Goat Games .

“BBH is also visionary in their brand-building approach. They got us thinking about how we could take a first step in driving fandom and building a sense of community given the rich potential of the game’s fantasy theme where traits of heroes could be combined. They encouraged us to involve our players in the co-creation and design of future legends, to drive home this unique aspect of the game.”

BBH brought together two creators from completely different backgrounds in a unique collaboration. Established fantasy character artist Jonah Lobe and gaming video creator Daniel came together to host a livestreamed session where participants got the chance to co-create an in-game character and help to decide the traits and powers of this heir born to different clans: the Lycan Lycanis and the Dark Elf Elzedith.

Close to 4,800 ideas were contributed by the gamers during the livestream while Jonah Lobe illustrated it live, creating a new legend uniquely borne out of love between Goat Games, the two creators and the Bloodline community.

“We fell in love with the game concept. There are elements of romance, fantasy, legacy, intrigue, and legends to be made, all translated into a mobile game with great character traits and strategic gameplay,” said Kelly Pon, Chief Creative Officer of BBH China.

“The IP is rich in terms of the stories we can tell, with as many levers we can pull in its activation. It was immediately clear to us, that it would be a fun brand to build together. Kudos to a brave client team as well, for believing in the work.”

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