GTA Online Clip Shows What Happens When Someone Completely Blocks Traffic

Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the best-selling games of all time, only behind Minecraft. Its multiplayer variant, GTA Online, is set in the same open world and allows players to compete and test their skills. The expansive open world environment makes it necessary for gamers to use vehicles to go from one point to another, so developers have added numerous great cars in Grand Theft Auto Online like Pegassi Ignus, Bravado Buffalo STX, Weeny Issi Classic, and many others.


Despite having such a diverse assortment of cars, GTA Online players often struggle to get the best out of them due to the heavy traffic in the game. The high number of cars coupled with crashes and road accidents can halt the traffic completely and block the road. As such, one Grand Theft Auto Onlinee player conducted an experiment to see how the game would react to a traffic jam.

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Reddit user LeastSuspiciousTowel uploaded a video which shows what would happen if players intentionally blocked the road to stop the traffic flow. Tea GTA Online video begins with the player getting out of their car, which is parked right in the middle of a road, blocking the traffic entirely. Soon after, several vehicles can be seen on the road, seemingly stuck in a traffic jam. The player then moves on the pavement to observe how the game would respond. After that, an NPC can be seen running toward the car and trying to steal it.

LeastSuspiciousTowel stops the carjacking quickly and returns to their position on the sidewalk. After approximately 20 seconds, Grand Theft Auto Online spawns another NPC that runs to the car and steals it, nearly identical to the first instance. This time, LeastSuspiciousTowel lets the NPC steal the car, eventually causing the traffic to flow. The Reddit community was surprised to see this peculiar NPC behavior in GTA Online and highly appreciated the post, as seen by over 1,400 upvotes and several encouraging comments. Some users suggested replicating the experiment with a tank or a jet plane, as an NPC trying to steal a defense vehicle would look hilarious.

LeastSuspiciousTowel’s video is not the first instance where Grand Theft Auto Online NPCs have attempted to steal a vehicle belonging to the player. Not long ago, a Reddit user named Paulchen_Lichtstrahl shared a short clip that shows a GTA Online NPC stealing a Sparrow helicopter twice in a short span.

GTA Online is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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