Gran Turismo 7 Patch 1.2 Adds In Four New Cars, Fresh Layouts, And More Menus In The Cafe

Gran Turismo 7 Patch 1.2 Adds In Four New Cars, Fresh Layouts, And More Menus In The Cafe

Gran Turismo patch 1.20 is here, bringing in four new vehicles, a new layout for Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, and extra menus in the cafe.

The latest update for Gran Turismo is here, and the PlayStation-Blog has all the details on what players can expect to find when they boot up the game. Players will find four new cars to acquire in this update, starting off with the McLaren MP4/4 ’88. This particular F1 car featured in the 1988 F1 World Championships. It’s a low-height, low-drag vehicle, and was designed by Gordon Murrary and Steve Nichols, powered by a Honda RA168E engine.

The Pontiac GTO ‘The Judge’ ’69 also joins with the update, a later version of the GTO line designed as a comeback for General Motors. It has a 6.6L ‘Ram Air III’ V8, listed at hitting 360 BHP, “but rumored to produce much more.”

Those looking for something a touch more modern will find that in the Porsche Cayman GT4 ’16, “a motorsport focused Cayman with the power of the 911.” This one produces 379 BHP, with breaks and suspension using parts from the 911 GT3.

Lastly, there’s the very fashionable De Tomaso Mangusta designed by Christian Dior, “an Italian sports car that proudly embodies the allure of the 1960s.” This car offers a little something different, as when a player chooses this car, they’ll find their racing suit and helmet is replaced by one that was designed by Dior.

Three new layouts have also been added to the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. One version sees the chicane running into the final corner removed, adding in a high-speed right turn. In the national layout, the home straight from the GP layout runs into a hairpin turn, which makes for a more compact track overall. The rallycross layout takes the GP layout’s three sector and infield areas, and puts them together to make a hybrid track of paved and unpaved surfaces.

Players will also find some new menus in the cafe, which offer them new opportunities to make new car collections. Those who have managed to get to the end of the game and also have a certain collector level can access these new car collections and earn some rewards. These collections are the “Abarth” Collection, which opens at collector level 27, and the “Gr.2 Racing Cars” collection, which opens at collector level 38.

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