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Lots of people in cities. Lots of people mean lots of garbage and debris. But one person’s trash can be a prepared trainer’s treasure! Alolan make up evolves into Alolan Muk, a mainstay in the Ultra League and strong pick in themed cups in the Great League. A-Grimer itself sees play in Great League, but more so in limited metas like Halloween Cup.

Speaking of living garbage: Trubbishwhile not a great mon for PvP (its evolution, Garbodor, is a spice pick at best), is an incredible source of dust. Each Trubbish comes with a base dust rate of 750! Catch as many as you can for the great dust gains and maybe you’ll luck into its awesome shiny.

Pink Burmy‘s evolution, Wormadam Trash, is basically the only Burmy evolution and variant of Wormadam that is Worthadam in trainer battles. Be on the lookout for Burmy with good PvP IVs but remember, only the female evolves into Wormadam. An optimal Wormadam will require somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 XL Candy, so if you’re lacking in XL try to save some extra Burmy for trades.

Representing the city’s technology and power is Magnemite. Magemite’s evolutions (moreso Magnezone than Magneton) make for the rare family that sees play across all leagues. Magnezone has long seen play in Master Prem and Ultra League Premier while Magneton has been good in metas like Kanto Cup. Be sure to pick up a Magnezone for all three leagues and a Magneton for the Great League.

Bronze is a classic material in building and sculpting, so Bronzor is a logical inclusion in the City Habitat. Bronzor itself is the best Pokemon in Little League. Its evolution, Bronzong, is a solid but seldom used pick in the Great League and a spice pick in the Ultra League. I should mention that an optimal Little League Bronzor and Ultra League Bronzong each require a hefty investment of 296 XL candy. If that number seems too daunting, then just look for a more reasonable Little League Bronzor (the 5/15/15 requires no XL Candy) and a Great League Bronzong. Just don’t tell @yourcalcprof that you’re skipping the Ultra Bell.

I imagine Claydol is supposed to represent things like bricks and concrete. Its evolution, Baltoy, never seems to see play. It has decent stats and Niantic has given it a lot of decent moves, but awkward typing and an array of better Psychic type options limit its use and potential. It’s worth stashing one with good PvP IVs, but not worth stressing over.

Golett is the Automaton Pokemon which fits nicely into the city theme of machines and technology. Its evolution Golurk sees incredibly little play, mostly as an anti-meta pick in Halloween Cup, but finding Great League eligible Golurk isn’t always easy. Stash one with good PvP IVs away for a rainy (spooky?) day.

hitmonchan, is the city’s scrappy street fighter. The shadow version is generally preferred for PvP but no reason not to save one with good PvP IVs for the Great League. More importantly, Hitmonchan spawns represent an opportunity to farm Tyrogue XL candy through catches and subsequent trades. This XL can be tough to come by and is necessary for the Ultra League version of Hitmonchan and hitmontop. While these are far from core meta picks, there’s no reason to waste a rare chance to farm hard to get XL Candy.

Gothita is…humanoid I guess? It doesn’t fit all that well thematically and its evolutions see little to no play in PvP currently. Let’s move on.

We can’t forget the many cute critters that inhabit our cities! Pidove and its evolutions are…basically useless, but maybe you still need the shiny! Litten’s final evolution Incineroar may be good with Blast Burn someday, but that’s a big maybe and requires waiting for the Community Day. I wouldn’t worry about saving either of these when there are so many other things to focus on.

Incense Spawns

klink is a cool shiny (and you need 3 for the family living shiny dex) but is pretty useless. Galarian Weezing is a shiny rarer previously locked behind raids. I’ll personally be looking for Ultra League PvP IVs and finishing off the XL candy required for it, but it’ll take a serious move update for the mon to be anything more than a meme.

City Recap

  • Star of the Habitat: Bronzor
  • New Shinies: None
  • PvP Must Haves: Bronzor, Magnemite, Pink Burmy, Grimer
  • XL Farming: Bronzor, Hitmonchan, Burmy
  • Other Notable: Trubbish for dust
  • Optimal Mega: Steelix or Beedrill

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