Pokémon Scarlet And Violet: Everything We Know So Far

Everything We Know So Far

Calling all Pokémon trainers, we’re getting closer to the release of one of the most anticipated games of the year. That’s right, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is only a few months away so it’s time we dive into everything we know so far about the game, including the new Gen 9 starters.

The reason why people are so eager to snap up POkémon Scarlet and Violet is because the dual titles will be Pokémon’s first truly open-world adventure RPG game. While Arceus opened the door for a new world of Pokemon games, these two incoming games are really going to shake up what we’ve come to know the series to be.

Some of the big changes being introduced to Scarlet and Purple is a full four-player co-op, three distinct stories and really cool new ways to explore. But we’ll get more into all that later so keep reading.

The newest trailer for the games also just dropped so let’s check that out.

There’s so much to unpack in that trailer. Now that we’ve gotten a decent amount of information about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, let’s go through it all together.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet release date

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will officially release for Nintendo Switch on November 18, 2022. This means we only have to wait around two more months before we can play.

Both digital titles are currently available for pre-order for $AU79.95.

By pre-ordering, you’ll receive a special Pikachu and an Adventure Set as a little gift. How sweet.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet version differences

In good news for those who loved the format, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet returns back to the traditional practice of offering two versions of the same base game. The bad news is that you won’t, obviously, be able to get every Pokemon available if you’re playing just one version.

Other than just having different Pokémon and legendaries, there are a few other differences between the two titles.

For whichever version you choose to play, your character will have a different outfit to run around in. In addition, there are also two new (weirdly attractive) professors who will be introduced in the new titles who you’ll get to meet depending on what one you play.

If you choose to play pokemon scarletyou’ll meet Professor Sada and if you play pokemon purple, you’ll meet Professor Turo.

Picture: The Pokémon Company

Although we still don’t know too much about them just yet but according to the Pokémon website, each professor is carrying out research into certain lore that has been passed down in the new region.

Whatever that means, we shall find out soon.

Another difference between the two versions, according to Pokémon themselves, is that the species are different. For instance, Larvitar and Stonejourner appears in Scarlett whereas Bagon and Eiscue are in Purple.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Gen 9 starters

As per usual, both pokemon scarlet and Pokemon Purple will give us three new Gen 9 starters that we can choose from.

If you’ve never played a Pokemon game before, you get to choose a starter Pokémon right at the beginning of your adventure. This is the Pokemon that will be with you the entire game, so choose wisely.

Who are these three new Gen 9 starters you ask? Well, let’s meet them.

First up we have Sprigatito, a Grass type cat who is capricious and attention-seeking. Then we have Quaxly, a Water-type duckling who is earnest and tidy. Last, but certainly not least, we have Fuecoco, a Fire-type croc who is laid back and works at their own pace.

As you can see below, they are all absolutely adorable.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet cheapest copies
Image: Nintendo/The Pokémon Company

If you want more detailed stats, you can check out our more detailed article here.

New Pokémon we want to see

We’ve been pretty vocal about what new Pokemon we are hoping to see in Scarlet and Purple. Although the new trailer hasn’t given us what we want just yet, three new Pokémon were revealed.

The three new Pokémon are Armarougethe Fire Warrior Pokemon, Ceruledgethe Fire Blades Pokemon and Klawfthe Ambush Pokémon.

You can check out all the other Pokemon you can expect to see in Scarlet and Purple on the official website.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Paldea region

Paldea world map
Paldea world map. Picture: The Pokémon Company

The in-game world in both versions of the game is called the Paldea region, which looks pretty stunning if I do say so myself.

As you can see, there appears to be a variety of different landscapes and spaces. Pokémon described the Paldea region as “a land of vast open spaces dotted with lakes, towering peaks, wastelands and perilous mountain ranges.”

Paldea does seem to be shaping up to be one of the most ambitious regions we’ve seen in a Pokémon game before. Namely that the series will allow you to explore freely in the open world, especially with their ‘Let’s Go!’ feature.

The feature sends a Pokémon off in the direction you indicate where they will independently pick up items in that area and can even partake in Auto Battles with nearby Pokémon.

The region could be based on Spain

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Picture: The Pokémon Company

It’s widely believed that the Paldea region is based on or inspired by Spanish towns and cities.

The center of Paldea is Mesagoz, which is the largest city in the region. Within the city, there’s Naranja Academy (for Scarlett) or the Uva Academy (for Purple), which are the schools in focus in the new games.

Naranja actually translates to orange in Spanish where uva translates to grape, which is a fun fact for you.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet gameplay

As mentioned, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are going to shake up everything we think we know about the series.

A non-linear adventure

Usually, Pokémon games are rather rigid and follow a very strict, linear storyline. While it’s still fun, it doesn’t leave much room to explore and figure things out on your own.

Well, that’s all about the change as linear storytelling in the new games have been ditched all together.

There will now be three stories for you to work through in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Another change is also that the main quest is no longer strictly bound by beating a certain Gym Leader or winning a badge.

Where you go in the world is now up to you and you can jump across three different story paths as you beat Gyms in any order you wish.


The Pokemon Company recently confirmed that Gen 9 will be the first open-world RPGs in the entire serieswhich is pretty exciting.

Having such an expansive open world means that you can tailor the experience to how you want the game to play. You are free to go exploring at your own pace and aren’t pushed by any storyline to go somewhere else.

It will also be interesting to see how you can interact with Pokémon and battles in the new open-world concept.

If you’re wondering how you’ll be able to travel around the open-world then prepare to have your mind blown because you can actually travel we Gen 9 Legendary Pokemon.

That’s right, Koraidon and Miraidon can transform into different mount types that can help you get across varied terrains. How bloody cool is that?

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet: Everything We Know So Far
Picture: The Pokémon Company/Nintendo


Something else that’s super exciting about the new Pokémon games is that it will allow up to four players to explore the open world together. Yay friends!

There was something similar to this in Pokémon Sword and Shield but you could only travel around wild areas with one other person. This time, you can travel the whole world with a bunch of fellow trainers.

We still aren’t sure if the multiplayer will be online or local just yet, but we will let you know when we find out.

Who’s excited for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

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