Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones moves to have paternity suit against him dismissed, claims plaintiff offered ‘deal’ before filing lawsuit

In new court filings, Jones’ legal team withdrew its request for a hearing to discuss the seal of the lawsuit brought by Alexandra Davis – who claims Jones is her biological father – and added allegations that Jones was the victim of an “attempted extortion.”

In a court document filed on Monday afternoon, Jones’ lawyers alleged that Davis offered to “make a deal” with Jones before filing the lawsuit. Defense attorneys also alleged that Jones and the Cowboys were “the targets of several attempts at cash extortion.”

“The potential source(s) of those extortion attempts, including, but not limited to, the plaintiff and its agents, will be the subject of another lawsuit that has been or will soon be filed,” the lawsuit states.

Both sides initially agreed to seal the entire lawsuit, but court documents state that Davis “claims that Defendant is the biological father of the plaintiff and makes several additional allegations alleging that the defendant paid the plaintiff’s mother to keep this information confidential.”

Jones’ attorneys initially told the court that “Defendant has a serious and substantial interest in that Plaintiff’s allegations are not public records.” Tuesday’s request to withdraw his request to close the case does not give reason to change.

Andrew Bergman, Davis’ attorney, told CNN that he’s challenging Jones to provide evidence of the allegations against his client.

“I will say that every allegation about his daughter Alexandra seeking money and/or blackmailing him is a sad, sarcastic, false, perverted, defamatory, malicious and pathetic attempt to avoid accountability for his behavior in robbery of his daughter,” Bergman said in a statement released late Tuesday, adding that A more detailed statement will be released on Wednesday.

Jones did not immediately respond to CNN’s requests for comment Tuesday night.

ESPN and the Dallas Morning News Both previously reported that Jones met Davis’s mother, Cynthia Davis Spencer, when she was working at the American Airlines ticket office at the airport in Little Rock, Arkansas. The media reported that Davis is 25 years old.

Both the sports network and the newspaper said they had obtained a complete copy of the lawsuit before it was sealed.

Both outlets also said Jones denied paternity, but agreed to pay Davis’s mother $375,000 and create two Davis trust funds, according to the lawsuit.

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