Cheaper Apple Watch for kids tipped for September 7

Cheaper Apple Watch for kids tipped for September 7

Apple will reportedly unveil a new cheaper Apple Watch aimed specifically at kids at its September 7 launch event.

We’ve been hearing plenty about a supposed new Apple Watch Pro model ahead of the company’s major launch event of the year on Wednesday. But there could be another, far more accessible new smartwatch on the roster.

According to The New York TimesApple is set to unveil another new model that’s “cheaper than the Apple WatchSE“. That would mean a brand new Apple Watch that retails for less than £249/$279.

This more affordable option is to be part of a push to “compete more aggressively for young smart watch customers.” Besides being cheap(er), the main angle for this Apple Watch will be as a stop gap for younger kids who aren’t quite ready for their first smartphone.

To that end, this new cheaper Apple Watch will include cellular connectivity, unlike the Apple Watch Series 3 that Apple currently keeps on the roster as its cheapest option. The latter is likely to be dropped altogether.

Cellular connectivity, of course, means that parents will be able to keep in contact with their young children, as well as being able to track their whereabouts, without exposing them to too much screen or internet time.

Apple already rolled out Family Setup in watchOS 7, which enables family members without their own iPhone to use an Apple Watch for making calls, sending messages and the like. This new Apple Watch would appear to be a natural extension of those efforts.

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