Capcom Shares Details on MH Rise Sunbreak Modded Quests

Capcom Shares Details on MH Rise Sunbreak Modded Quests

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Capcom is concerned about the proliferation of altered and modded quests in the game. Players of monster hunter rise and Sunbreak have proven capable of using external tools to create Anomaly Investigation quests using customized data. Things like modified timers, faint limits, and instances of monsters appearing in places they shouldn’t be were spotted by players. In a statement made on the official Twitter account on September 6th, the development team followed up on an earlier message warning players about the risks of playing modded quests MH Rise Sunbreak. The earlier warning simply cautioned players against playing modded content, asking that they delete modded quests immediately and refrain from trying them out. Modded quests are easiest to see on the PC version of the game, whereas Switch players are less likely to see them due to the comparative rarity of “jailbroken” Switch consoles.

Now, Capcom has shared details that players can use to detect if a given quest is modded or illegitimate. This should give players some information on how to avoid MH Rise Sunbreak modded quests while Capcom looks into a technical solution to filter them out. Capcom also assured players that there is “no correlation” between seeing modded quests and effects to save data.

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The main guideline for players to detect MH Rise Sunbreak modded quests is to check the properties of the mission and see if they fall into acceptable parameters. If they don’t, it’s likely the quest is modded and should be deleted. One example given was seeing a quest with a 9-faint count limit. 9-faint missions are only found at A*1 and A*2 quests. Another example included quests with a player limit of something other than 2 or 4 (there are no legitimate 1- or 3-player Anomaly Investigations). Still other points included things like the number of targets, time limits, and certain locales (Anomaly Investigations only happen in a set of 7 locales). The second slide gives examples.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is available on PC and Nintendo Switch. Check out Siliconera’s official review of the expansion. The game’s next title update arrives later this month.

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