Blinkit to deliver your prints at your doorsteps

Blinkit to deliver your prints at your doorsteps

A printout delivery service in Gurugram has been launched by Blinkit, which is owned by Zomato. It will cost Rs 9 per page for black-and-white prints and Rs 19 per page for colored printouts. Each printout order would be subject to an extra delivery fee of Rs 25. Although the service has only been made available in a handful of Gurgaon locales, more locations may be added if users find the service useful.

Blinkit has come under fire on Twitter from several users who claim they have no use for the service because numerous nearby Xerox businesses charge much less for printouts. The Blinkit business currently caters to people who need passports, visas, rent agreements, and other family documents. In addition to them, it is aiming to meet the printing needs of students for their academic work. Blinkit might broaden the range of clients it targets in the future.

Earlier this year, the world’s largest online food delivery company Zomato accepted the acquisition of Blinkit for Rs 4,447 crore in an all-stock deal. The quick delivery e-commerce platform, formerly known as Grofers, will be acquired, the company stated in a regulatory filing. The Zomato Blinkit partnership has been planned for weeks.

According to Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal, this entry into the next large market is timely as Zomato’s current food company is progressively moving in the direction of profitability. “Zomato has grown at a CAGR of 86% over the last four years to an adjusted revenue of Rs 55.4 billion ($710 million), while the adjusted EBITDA margin has improved from (153%) in FY19 to (18%) in FY22, “the executive stated. However, Blinkit’s sales increased from Rs 200 crore in FY21 to Rs 236 crore in FY22.

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