Bear and Breakfast Finally Has a Switch Release Date

The hotel management game Bear and Breakfast has some fans awaiting its delayed Switch release, and they finally have a date.

This seems to be the summer of the simulation game, with titles like Bear and Breakfast being the most popular Steam downloads of July 2022. And now simulation video game fans can also pick up this trendy Bear Game on their Nintendo Switch starting the middle of next month.

During the announcement for Bear and Breakfast at Indie World in 2020, the original release date for it was sometime in 2021. However, this b&b-running game was delayed until July 2022. Then, near the release date, developers Gummy Cat stated that this hotel management simulation wasn’t quite ready for controllers either for console and PC. But now Nintendo Switch fans and controller connoisseurs can rejoice: there is finally a release date for non-keyboard users wanting to play Bear and Breakfast starting on September 15, 2022.


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The official Bear and Breakfast Twitter has finally shared an update on the much-anticipated Switch release, controller support release, and Steam Deck usability. The Switch release is set for the 15th of September while the controller support for PC will be patched “a couple of days” later with Patch 1.4. Also, Bear and Breakfast has already been verified as Playable on the Steam Deck by Valve. These announcements were coupled with the release of trading cards, Steam backgrounds, bear-themed emoji, and stickers in the Points Shop on Steam.

Rares, one of the Gummy Cat developers, also noted that as soon as the Switch version is out, the studio will begin working on some new features and requested changes. Fans of the game can look forward to the addition of being able to recycle or sell building materials, a sandbox or creative mode, and maybe even mod support on PC. There were even some hints at the possibility for brand-new content for this relaxing simulation game.

While the game now officially has a Switch release date, players will not be able to pre-order or pre-download this from the Nintendo eShop. They will have to wait until this Animal Crossing-like game is fully released to pick it up for themselves. But they will get to benefit from all the updates that Gummy Cat has been working hard on for the most recent patches; there have been a ton of game balancing updates, little bug fixes, and other quality of life changes to make the whole process of putting together a Bed and Breakfast in the woods a smoother, more fun experience.

Bear and Breakfast is available now for PC and will soon be available for Nintendo Switch.

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