Badminton: Wait for new mixed doubles coach continues

Badminton: Wait for new mixed doubles coach continues

PETALING JAYA: It has been more than four months since Paulus Firman left the Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) as the mixed doubles coach but a replacement is only expected after the World Championships (Aug 21-28).

BAM high performance director Dr. Tim Jones said the search for a mixed doubles coach was ongoing but any formal approach can only be made based on the available funding from the association.

So far, it is understood that doubles coach Rexy Mainaky has verbally spoken to independent coach Chin Eei Hui and also Singapore mixed doubles coach Lim Pek Siah.

Eei Hui, a former national mixed doubles coach (2013-2019), is seen as the best possible candidate as former international Pek Siah may be in demand to continue her duties across the Causeway after Singapore pair Terry Hee-Jessica Tan won the Commonwealth Games gold.

The decision on funding to hire the new coach should be available after the BAM council meeting tomorrow (Saturday).

“Our main focus has been on the Commonwealth Games and there has not been much development on the coaching. Rexy will be back tomorrow (today), it (mixed doubles coach) will be one of the key things in my list to complete,” said Jones.

“With the council meeting due on Saturday, I’ll find out how much budget I have got to spend (for the mixed doubles coach).”

“Eei Hui and Pek Siah have good knowledge about players. Eei Hui has a good track record while Pek Siah would get to the chance to prove her worth as a coach.”

Jones said there haven’t been any formal approach to either of the two, or other candidates.

If everything goes well, a new mixed doubles coach is expected to take charge next month.


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