Apple has secured more "Reality" trademarks for its upcoming VR headset

Apple has secured more “Reality” trademarks for its upcoming VR headset

Samsung isn’t the only mobile tech giant to have dabbled with mixed-reality technologies. Apple is too, and the Cupertino-based tech giant might even beat Samsung to the punch despite the latter company’s head start with portable VR headsets a few years ago. Apple has been developing its own VR and AR platform, and now, the company appears to be working on securing an official name for the product.

Several trademark filings pertaining to Apple’s mixed-reality platform were found in regions including the US and UK, the EU, Australia, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, and Uruguay. More specifically, the trademark applications weren’t filed by Apple but by other companies under Apple’s instructions. Apple using ghost companies to secure trademarks isn’t new, and it’s part of the tech giant’s strategy to increase its chances of keeping the project a secret. (via Bloomberg)

As some of you might recall, Apple also used ghost companies to trademark the “RealityOS” name not too long ago.

Apple Reality One might be coming to the market in 2023

Apple’s branding for its upcoming mixed-reality headsets appears to revolve around the “Reality” moniker. The latest trademark applications reveal three additional names linked with Apple’s upcoming mixed-reality headset: Reality One, Reality Pro, and Reality Processor.

If RealityOS is the name of the software, then Reality One and Reality Pro could represent the hardware. As for “Reality Processor,” this name could stand for an Apple SoC designed for mixed-reality applications, but at this point, it’s anyone’s guess.

Apple might release its first mixed-reality headset in 2023, although the launch schedule is unclear and subject to change due to lockdowns in China and other economic uncertainties.

In the blue camp, Samsung is seemingly working on advancing mixed-reality experiences in other ways. It’s unclear if Samsung is developing a new AR/VR headset from the ground up, but the company’s engineers have developed very clever technologies that help immersion in mixed-reality environments, such as artificial muscle actuators. Meanwhile, Samsung is supplying Sony with AMOLED panels for the upcoming PS VR2 headset.

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