AMD to officially participate in Gamescom 2022

AMD to officially participate in Gamescom 2022

AMD is returning to Cologne, Germany for Gamescom

AMD is making a comeback to Gamescom convention, following years of virtual presence.

The company is unlikely to announce products at Gamescom. There is simply no indication that AMD would be showing new products at this event specifically. Historically, AMD was never interested in revealing new hardware at this gaming-oriented convention. However, their competitors such as NVIDIA with RTX 20 series did, but it wasn’t strictly at this event.

One should note that AMD is rumored to announce Ryzen 7000 series on August 29th, which is the day after Gamescom ends (August 24th—29th). Furthermore, AMD does one way or the other attend Gamescom each year, usually through partnership with game developers. This year’s attendance would be official, possibly with AMD’s own booth on the floor.

Apart from Milosz Bialas (Sr. Developer Relations at AMD) comments, the company did not make any public announcements regarding this event. Should there be something big coming, AMD for sure will tease the upcoming event sooner.

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