A Smartphone Lineup Designed to Inspire Creativity

A Smartphone Lineup Designed to Inspire Creativity

Unique color-changing design, superb camera, and powerful performance – here is all you need to know about the stylish vivo V25 series ahead of its global launch.

The new vivo V25 series is slated for global release this month, debuting the V25 and V25 Pro models. These devices will bring upgrades across the board, improving on an already impressive reputation that the V series has earned. Expect new unique color-changing designs, incredible photography capabilities, and top-tier performance. With a superb rear and front camera setup and innovative features inside and out, the V25 and V25 Pro are crafted to encourage users to create, have fun, and explore. Here is everything that you need to know about these phones, ahead of their global launch.

With enhanced autofocus capabilities, the V25 and V25 Pro keep your selfies clear even when you’re in motion.

Creative Imaging Tools for Stunning Results

vivo has always used the V series to create an excellent camera experience for various youtypes of photography scenarios. Both the V25 and V25 Pro continue to bring that experience to a new level, allowing people to showcase their creativity and individuality. People can take advantage of the robust hardware and software built into the devices to showcase their creativity in a way that yields flagship-level results. With the benefit of vivo’s proven expertise in imaging R&D to reproduce natural colors, you can easily capture pure, high-quality images and videos and then use a host of creative tools to edit and publish your content.

The rear camera setup is one of the main attractions, boasting a 64MP ultra-sensing camera with upgraded OIS and EIS capabilities. For wide shots, the 8MP super wide-angle camera is able to capture stunning photos and stable video. When ready for your selfie, the V25 and V25 Pro treat you to a superb experience, offering 50MP and 32MP front-facing cameras, respectively. The front-facing cameras on both models have integrated skin enhancement software functions and autofocus that will keep your selfies clear even when you’re in motion.

Shot on V25 Pro using Real-Time Extreme Night Vision.

Currently, vivo is getting a lot of recognition for its strong night photography solutions, with its top phones setting the bar very high. These night photography capabilities make their way into the V25 series, enabling ultra-sensing night portraits, night photo and video modes, and more. A collection of features will help to accurately restore colors and brightness in low-light conditions.

As a way of ensuring that users can effortlessly capture and publish creative video content, vivo has added a Vlog Movie function to the V series. This feature offers preset video templates that will teach you how to enhance the video experience. You’ll be able to create videos that document your day-to-day life, a special vacation, or just a holiday family reunion, and produce content that is ready to publish to your social media.

Express your Style with New Designs

The vivo V25 series continues to carry the signature V series colorful design that exudes fun and expressive aesthetics. The iconic looks of the V25 and V25 Pro come from the new bright eye-catching colorways. The light and slim devices are encased in the revolutionary color-changing Fluorite AG glass that allows the back panel of the devices to shift color when exposed to UV light.

Aiming to inspire creativity, the vivo V25 series comes in a variety of colors ranging from shades of blue to gold, and there is a classic black option for those who enjoy minimalist designs.

Upgraded Performance for Smooth Experience

The hardware was designed to provide and support consistent and robust performance in every aspect. New features are included with a specific focus on enhancing your gaming experience, along with media consumption, web browsing, and app performance.

The vivo V25 will include the MediaTek Dimensity 900 with 8GB/12GB RAM + 8GB Extended RAM. The vivo V25 Pro is equipped with the MediaTek Dimensity 1300 which is paired with 8GB/12GB RAM + 8GB Extended RAM. Both models also come with 5G capabilities to ensure the fastest connection speeds.

Both phones have a fast-charging battery, a large AMOLED screen, a reliable cooling system, and the Funtouch OS 12 software based on Android 12. We will learn more details about these features during the global launch.

A Phone for Self-Expression

Everything that we know about the vivo V25 series points to a lineup that embraces the idea of ​​using your phone to express yourself. The bright color-changing designs that interact with your environment let you pick a phone that matches your aesthetic, while the powerful photo and video capabilities allow you to capture life in your own style.

Stay tuned for the official launch of these two exciting new phones, where you’ll learn more about the specs, pricing, and availability.

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