5 of the best-sounding headphones we listened to at High End Munich 2022

After two years without High End Munich, the otherwise-annual internationally renowned audio exhibition did not let us down – and if you’re looking for the best audiophile headphones money can by, there’s no better place to start your search.

So what did we see and what did we like – at first glance, at least? Without further ado, we’d love for you to join us on a virtual tour of the best in High End Munich headgear. Then, if you’re feeling inspired, keep your eyes peeled for a local dealership to test-drive your favorite pair. Feeling super adventurous? You could always check out flights to Munich for next year. We’ll see you there…

1. Campfire Audio Supermoon

(Image credit: Future)

Supermoon was a timely release from Campfire Audio, having launched days before the actual lunar event on May 16. It is the third custom-fit option model within Campfire Audio’s extensive and jewel-like IEM oeuvre – buy them and you get to choose between ‘ Audiophile’, which offers a shallow seal depth, or classic ‘Artist’ fit – but it is the Portland Oregon-based company’s inaugural planar magnetic driver design.

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